Important Information for Sponsors of Our Students

Sponsors can now pay online for students: EAC, EACA and EACJSS

Welcome Student Sponsor

Paying for your sponsored students ONLINE has never been easier until now. You can easily sponsor or pay for On-Campus or Off-Campus student(s) from anywhere in the world. Our integrated payment gateway allows you to pay for your student's need(s) such as food, dormitory fees, cafeteria, bus fair for off-campus students, cafeteria fee for off-campus students who wish to utilize campus food, and buy school supplies for students from our massive ONLINE inventories where we access discounted school supplies from our partners located in other part of the world. Note that due to the location of our school supplies manufacturing facilities, students may have to wait for a couple weeks until the shipment arrives. See shipping policies from our manufacturers. We are greatful that you sponsor student at our school. If you have any question, feel free to contact us at the form provided here on the side. Students Scholarship Office, EAC, EAC High School & EAC Elementary

Sponsor's Popular Payment Categories

Register to Become Student's Sponsor

Anyone can be a student's full or partial sponsor. Parents, Sponsors, Guardians, Friends and/or Relatives, especially located outside the country, can easily sponsor students by utilizing our easy to use online sponsorship portal.

Paying for Dormitory (On-Campus) Total Fees

Dormitory is the most important part of student's sponsorship. It gives students total freedom to focus on their studies. The total fee includes all boarding, food, school fees and tuition. The fee structure is set to annual, one time payment.

Buying School Supplies for a Student Online

Our major selections of inventories from our manufacturing partners give our students a chance to choose from all kinds of school supplies. Sponsors can shop for a student, and enter ours or student's home address during checkout.
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Paying for Off-Campus Student's Bus Fair

Off-campus students may need someone to help them with annual bus fair to go back and forth to school. Sponsors can help students with their tranportation needs. Our school bus fair is quite cheap and best alternative ways to get to school or back home on time.

Paying for Off-Campus Student's Tuition

We have many students from our local communities who attend our school from their home. As most are from low income families, we have reduced tuition to a bare minimum, but some students may still need help to cover their remaining fees. Anyone can sponsor a village or a kid.

Paying for Off-Campus Student's Cafe Fee

Some students from our local communities do not have enough to eat. This has remained one of our critical challenges. We thank sponsors who close this cap in helping them with the chance to get healthy food from our cafe while attending school from their home village.
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