MBA Program


EAC MBA Program: Online Application

Applying to our MBA Program is easier than ever. Just fill out the form and submit. See additional information provided on side bar.




  • Provide the correct demographic info   
  • Fill out the form and review before you submit
  • Follow up using email and phone call if needed.

Original Documents


Admissions to our MBA program requires Stamped or Sealed Original Document(s) from previous college and/or university attended. You may send your copies at least three (3) weeks before the start of the class and bring sealed original up on your arrival to school.

Degree Prerequisite


Note that our MBA program requires undergraduate degree in related field of study or completed course works equivalent to BA in similar field of study from regionally or internationally recognized academic institutions. 

Flexible Living Options


NOTE: Students have flexible options in the following areas:

♦ Those who attend our school from nearby towns have wide options of public transportation since our institution is on the main street. 

Check our Local Classified Ads on our website for Off-Campus rental housing in nearby towns.  

♦ Staying in Dorm is the best/safest option for international students..  

Online Quick Application

Provide the correct email address. We use this email for further communication with you.
Use Gregorian calendar
If more than one, list them separating by commas.