Language Services

Welcome to our Language Department

Nola Tudu, MA

Head of Language Department

Students have several opportunities to learn English at EAC.

First, the medium of instruction is in English. Students can gain information and knowledge in the classroom by the use of English as one of the global languages. Improving their English can give the students opportunities for further studies abroad or wider opportunities of better jobs in the country.

Second, qualified national and international teachers teach in English.   AT EAC, students have the opportunity to be instructed by faculty and staff from various countries such as Ethiopia, the US, Uganda, Indonesia, India, and the Philippines.

Students, in addition, have opportunities to use English in a beautiful and peaceful campus setting outside the classroom. The EAC English Church offers services in English every Sabbath and students can participate and listen to messages in English by dynamic speakers.   The English Language Club, Tech Club, Health Club, Bible Club, etc. offer activities for students to improve their English language skills and develop new skills Most importantly, the Language Lab provides students opportunities to connect with the world wide web and improve their English language skills using the software like Orell Talk, the digital language lab. The software provides teacher led or self-study options, CEFR level-based learning, choice of cloud or offline version, and even mobile app for learners

Nola Tudu, MA – Department Head