Guidance & Counseling

Student Guidance and Counseling

Ester Karosekali, PhD

Director Counseling and Guidance

We are glad to have our diversity students who come to study and stay in EAC, because it makes the social environment beautiful. From this diversity and boarding school, students could see and learn about the different aspects of life which could help students to collaborate with other students while studying in campus and help them easily adjust in their future career.

In other aspect, we cannot deny that studying or/and staying in the campus sometimes gives challenges to students in terms of academic, financial, social, mental, psychology, etc., especially for those who are staying in dormitory. We could see that those challenges sometimes give pressure on students who are coming from different background. Some students may understand and know how to deal with their own problems and some may need help or a counsel.

EAC Guidance and Counseling office is open for every student who need help to deal with their dilemma as personal or as general. Feel free to come and visit our office because we are here doing our best to support and to help our students to deal with their challenges while studying in EAC. We are offering individual or group counseling. Therefore, we really appreciate if the students can make an appointment ahead of time so we can assist you better.

Our goal is to help our students grow up with healthy balance lives physically, mentally, spiritually and socially by God’s grace. Beside counseling and giving psychological test, we are conducting seminar or training on character education, academic skills, personal skills, and other skills to help student deal with daily task and prepare them for their future.

Warm Regards,

Ester Karosekali, MA Ed, PhD

Director of Guidance and Counseling