Frequently asked questions(FAQ)



EAC is Seventh-day Adventist faith based Christian educational institution that provides not only quality education, but also life changing integrated faith reform for the kingdom to come.

Yes, under EAC, we have High School Preparatory, High School Pre-preparatory, Junior High, Elementary, KG and Overseas. Overseas was originally designed for foreign or missionary children whose first language is English. Afterward, the program expanded to include national children whose parents want their kids to have solid backgrounds in English. 

Currently, we offer hybrid online/on-campus degree programs after the school closure due to CoViD-19 pandemic. However, we are in the process of accrediting fully fledged, year round online degree programs with the High Education Accreditation Agency in Ethiopia. We will post an announcement as soon as the programs start.

We try our best to assign missionary themselves to teach at our campus based Overseas School. At times when we get short on foreigners, we assign certified local language instructors with higher proficiency in English Language especially with regards to English subjects. We also assign certified national instructors for subjects such as Math and Science. You may ask registrar office at our campus for updated information since instructors change from time to time.

We accept only High School and Junior High students at our dormitory. However, if a student at Junior High is too young despite his/her grade level, we may consider acceptance only if he/she enrolls with High School or college level older siblings who can look after him/her. If you have younger children and seriously considering dorm based enrollment, call our office and ask for the Dean of Students Affairs or Dormitory Deans at +251 46 118 0227 or  +251 46 118 033. 

In addition to integrated faith and learning for lifelong character building, EAC is located in the outskirt of the green Rift Valley away from all hassle and whistle of the city chaos. Students have full focus on their studies without any form of noise of disturbances. We believe it is a peaceful place for children’s healthy growth. 

We believe that our body is the result of what we eat. It is build up on what is being fed. We also believe that our body is a temple according to the Devine principles. Thus, we strictly follow globally renowned vegetarian health guidelines that is central not only to our belief, but also critical for the development of healthy brain and body.   

Call and ask for the office you would like to reach at the following number during the Office Hours (East Africa Local Time) at +251 46 118 0227 or +251 46 118 033. 

Monday through Thursday from 8:00 AM to 8 PM.

Fridays from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Sundays from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Saturdays Close