Message from the Department Head

Habtamnesh Terefe, MSc
Department Head of Accounting and Finance

Welcome to Ethiopia Adventist College’s Accounting and Finance Department. Our objective is to promote the Accounting and Finance profession by fostering high ethical and professional standards and boosting academic achievement. The Accounting and Finance Department is dedicated to providing excellent teaching, high-quality research, and services that serve the institution and the community. Our programs will produce exceptional graduates with the knowledge, abilities, and competencies necessary for the Accounting and Finance industry to handle current and future job opportunities. Public and private sector accountants, accounting managers, auditors, cost accountants, bankers, financial controllers, finance managers, financial analysts, financial risk managers, financial planners, credit risk analysts, and financial consultants, with other positions are among the jobs available to Accounting and Finance graduates.

About the department

Evolution of the Department

In 1998, the College obtained permission and accreditation from the Ministry of Education to offer diploma courses in Business major in Accounting and Management.  In 2001, the College entered into an affiliation arrangement with the University of Eastern Africa Baraton and began four-year degree program in Accounting.

In 2003, the College requested the Ministry of Education for accreditation to start its own degree programs in business (Accounting and Management). On January 2005, the College was upgraded into a senior college status.

 The department strives to maintain and improve the academic and support services available to students. It is committed to provide a stimulating and effective learning experience in a supportive environment.

Objectives of the Department

The program of Accounting and Finance has the following objectives:

  • To produce degree graduates to satisfy a portion of the demand for accounting and finance graduates.
  • To provide students with sufficient academic, technical, logical, analytical, and professional base from which to pursue a career in accounting and finance to advance to further study and a potential academic career in accounting and finance.
  • To establish linkage programs with different stakeholders from which the program will be able to tap resources and share experiences
  • A highly educated and motivated faculty Viable programs which have local relevance and fully recognized internationally.
  • An abundant level of intellectual capital created through scholarly activities
  • Research that meets the needs of the local and international business and academic communities;
  • A fully integrated international perspective
  • A full understanding of employer needs obtained through constant monitoring of the business environment through linkage program

Degree program
Bachelor of Accounting and Finance

Admission Requirments

Anyone who wishes to join the BA program is required to meet the entry requirements of higher institutions stated by Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

  1. After a successful completion of Grade 12:
    • As per the regulations of Ministry of Education,
  1. After 10+3 and level 4 TVET completion
  • TVET diploma or level IV certification
  • Certified National level COC
  • Minimum tow-years work experience
  • A pass in entrance examination set by the program.

III. After having a first degree:

  • Any one from any profession
  • As per the admission criteria of the College
  • A pass in entrance examination set by the program.
  1. For foreign students
  • As per the degree equivalence evaluated by ETA
  • As per the admission criteria of the College
  • A pass in entrance examination set by the Program.
  1. Student transfer
  • From a recognized College or college in the related field
  • As per the admission criteria of the College
  • As per the academic commission of the College