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Regular EAC Elementary Online Application

Applying to our High School is easier than ever. Just fill out the form and submit. See also additional information provided in the sidebar.


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  • Provide the corrected demographic info   
  • Fill out the form and review before you submit
  • Submit the Online Form

Original Document


Admissions to any of the grade level above KG requires Stamped or Sealed Original Document(s) from previous school. You may send your copies at least three (3) weeks before the start of the class.

Bring Original Document


Up on arrival to school to begin classes, bring Stamped or Sealed original documents. It is best that you submit the Original admission documents earlier than the beginning of classes.

Flexible Living Options


NOTE: Students have flexible options in the following areas:

♦ Those who attend our school from nearby towns can either take public taxi or use our discounted school bus service. We strongly advice against the use of public transportation for elementary children.

If you are Off-Campus Student and would like to utilize campus cafeteria, check with business office and cafeteria manager.

If you wish to enroll elementary students in Dorm, call to discuss available options with the Admissions Office.

We strongly advice against the use of Public Taxi if your child has physical disability unless you accompany the child to school.


Fill out the Following Form and Submit


This helps us for admission statistics and to assign On-Campus students to the proper DORMITORY.
Please, Provide (Country, Zone, Town or Village)
We use this telephone for Emergency Contact or Student’s related needs…