EAC bids farewell to Professor Safawo Gullo and welcomes the new president, Dr. Abraham Dalu

News November 14, 2023

EAC bids farewell to Professor Safawo Gullo on July 6, 2023. Special guests from the Union were present on that day. Professor Safawo served EAC from Decem- ber 2019 to June 2023.

During his term as President, Professor Safawo brought financial stability to the college, raised funds for scholarship and various projects for the develop ment of the college such as completion of the third floor of Shashemene Adventist Academy, building the new soccer field and tracks with bleachers, the water reservoir project, the new classrooms for Overseas Elmentary School, inaugurating the site for the university and many others.

Pastor Tadesse Adugna, President, Eastern Ethiopia Union Mission thanked Professor Safawo for his un- tiring and dedicated service to sustain the college in difficult times.

The new President of EAC, Dr. Abraham Dalu, who previously served as Senior VP for Academic Affairs of EAC, was warmly welcomed and the staff of leadership was passed from Professor Safawo to Dr. Abraham in a cultural ceremony.

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