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1 There’s No Place like Rome

The Parts of Speech and Their Function

If you were an architect, you wouldn’t talk about a building you’ve designed without mentioning its parts—bricks, girders, glass, and so on. In much the same way, grammarians discuss sentences in terms of their parts and the functions of those parts.

Both the grammarian and the architect find it convenient to use a specialized vocabulary in discussing their subjects. Architects speak of joists and bearing walls; grammarians speak of verbsand participles—the language of grammar.

Course Content

PART 1 : Up the Greek without a Paddle

  • Lesson 1.1 : The Parts of Speech and Their Function
  • Lesson 1.2 : The Parts of Speech
  • Lesson 1.3 : Organizing the Greek Parts of Speech
  • Lesson 1.4 : Conclusion
  • Part 1 Practice

PART 2 : The Greeks Had a Word for It: The Greek Noun System

PART 3 : Rho, Rho, Rho Your Boat: The Greek Verb System

PART 4 : The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

PART 5 : Woe Is I


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