MGMT 462 : Material Management
    About Lesson

    Course Description and Objectives

    Course Description:

    The course deals with introduction to materials theory; objectives of materials management; purchasing principles including such elements as description of quality; determination and control of quantity; make or buy decisions; selection of suppliers; organization of purchasing activities; transportation of purchases; materials handling, inventory control models such as Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) and Economic Production Quantity (EPQ); materials demand forecasting, Materials Requirement Planning (MRP); Just In Time (JIT) system; stores management and warehousing.

    Course Objectives

    At the end of this course, students will be able to:

    • Know the integrated materials management functions in manufacturing organizations
    • Appreciate the interdependency of departments having relation with materials department
    • Conduct inventory analysis
    • Calculate economic order quantity (EOQ)
    • Forecast demand
    • Do Material Requirement Planning (MRP)
    • Be familiar with different inventory and warehouse management practices

    Instructional Methods: Lecture, assignment, industry visit (if possible), discussion, and case analysis or problem solving.

    Course Requirements and Classroom Management Policy:

    1. Examinations/Quizzes: There will be two in-class examinations (mid-term and final). Examinations will consist of a mix of objective and essay questions. Unannounced quizzes will be given throughout the semester (sorry, no make ups!).
    2. Participation: You are expected to actively participate in all classroom discussions.
    3. Attendance: You are expected to regularly attend classes as scheduled. Be on time; late comer may not be allowed in the classroom and it will affect his/her grade.
    4. Assignments are to be turned in as announced. Late assignments maybe accepted with a reduced grade.
    5. Mobile phones are banned from the classroom. If you happen to have one, it must be turned off (or silenced), and out of sight, for the duration of the class



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