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What Will You Learn?

  • Helping to create competent, active and responsible citizens.
  • Making citizens aware of the fundamental rights and freedom.
  • Helping citizens to develop the culture of democracy and avoid the culture of passivity.
  • Enabling citizens develop participatory skills.
  • Enabling citizens participate in voluntary organizations like workers union and women association…
  • Helping citizens develop knowledge and intellectual skills that could help them monitor and control the policies and rules.
  • Helping citizens to be responsive to patriotism.

Course Content

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  • Chapter One: Int. to Civics and Ethical Education
  • Chapter Two: Understanding Society, State and Government: Focus in Ethiopia
  • Chapter Three: Understanding Citizenship: Ethiopian Focus
  • Chapter Four: Ethics and Civic Virtue

Theology & Prac of Worship


Financial Accounting II


Anth 1012 : Social Anthropology

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