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  1. Anatomy is the study of the body’s structures.
  • Developmental anatomy considers anatomical changes from conception to adulthood. Embryology focuses on the first 8 weeks of development.
  • Cytology examines cells, and histology examines tissues.
  • Gross anatomy studies organs from either a systemic or a regional perspective.

2. Surface anatomy uses superficial structures to locate deeper structures, and anatomical imaging is a non-invasive technique for identifying               deep structures.

3. Physiology is the study of the body’s functions. It can be approached from a cellular or a systems point of view.

Course Content

Chapter 1
The Human Organism

  • The Human Organism

Chapter 2
The Chemical Basis of Life

Chapter 3
Cellular Level of Body Organization


Auditing II


Church Ministry (Stewardship)


Comm. Eng Language Skills II

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