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Thank you for visiting our Certificate Programs Information Portal. We are currently  conducting research on short term certificate programs that are in high demand in the country and that promptly place our students in key employment positions. We will be adding soon as we finalize what programs we undertake. Check back this information page for an update or submit contact form if you have specific program in your wish list.

ETHIOPIA ADVENTIST COLLEGE exists to provide holistic approaches for character transformation, and quality educations that optimize graduating candidates’ profile and portfolios for the potential career or self-employment.

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Ethiopia Adventist College

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Why Choose us


  • Offers integrated faith and learning with potential character building.  
  • Focus on mission to change the world for the best.
  • Prepare souls for the kingdom to come.

Our Vision


ETHIOPIA ADVENTIST COLLEGE:  envisions to be a center of excellence by 2022, a university fostering the highest standards of education in Ethiopia, by advancing knowledge and professional skills holistically, through research, extension, and training in the service of God and humanity.

Our Mission


ETHIOPIA ADVENTIST COLLEGE exists to provide holistic education for character transformation, and the uplifting of individual, the community, and the society through teaching, research, and development activities.

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Meet our Teachers



Fantahun Melaku
Daniel Serunjogi
Social Anthropology
Desta Obse
Financial Accounting II
Dr. Abraham Woncheso
Senior Research in Acc/Mgmt
Mr Cedrick Tshiyoyo
System Analysis & Design
Feyisa Gemechu
Statistics for Management II
Mr. Korme
Comm. Eng Language Skills II
Mr. Dereje M.
Managerial Economics
Mr. Emmanuel Gloria
International Marketing
Pr. Mesfin Mandefro
Intermediate Greek II
Mrs. Habtamnesh Terefe
Advanced Accounting II
Fantahun Melaku
Old Testament Studies II

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